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mulga’s magical musical creatures

Last year, Mulga’s Magical Colouring Book became an instant best-seller. Mulga’s latest book, MULGA’S MAGICAL MUSICAL CREATURES looks set to follow in its footsteps.

Saturated in amazing colour, MULGA’S MAGICAL MUSICAL CREATURES takes us from marvellous alliteration to imaginative illustration in a rhyming picture book for children starring a lush and illustrious array of zoological instrumentalists.

Might they be the so called Mexican walking fish plucking guitars in ponchos? Blue suited pink elephants tasking their trumpets is a cool mirage and are banjo playing hooters called banjowls?!

Lions growling out lyrics while wearing pink socks are the envy of the man -o – Manfred Man, pretty flamingos while gorillas beat skins rather than their chests in a jungle drum fantasia.

A musical menagerie full of quirky colourful creatures and delicious detail, a mind expanding blend of the familiar and the surreal, MULGA’S MAGICAL MUSICAL CREATURES is simply delightful, akin to a magical mystery tour, sans the walrus.

With the sanity clause season fast approaching, MULGA’S MAGICAL MUSICAL CREATURES is the perfect stocking filler, however why wait?!



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