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the naked magicians @ the concourse

TNM - Christopher Wayne & Mike Tyler 1

For a titillating night of mirth and seduction taking place within the world of magic, you cannot go past THE NAKED MAGICIANS. Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler are performing their 90 minute show at the Concourse in Chatswood from the 7th to the 9th May as part of the 2015 Sydney Comedy Festival.

These two magicians do end up taking off all their clothes, excluding their microphone belt. They do so after gently easing the audience towards performer nudity.                            

The masculine energy is palpable. Some audience members participate in near physical contact on stage – so be warned! All the audience get to try their own magic trick. It is like a card party with two hot young guests literally showing everybody the ropes.

Mike and Christopher are both in their early thirties, experienced in their craft, and have obviously worked hard  both at their trade and on their physique.

The show leads up to an ingenious finale.

Summing up, a fun night featuring magicians with absolutely nothing to hide.

For more about The Naked Magicians, visit


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