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it’s rubeeeeee!! in lights @ the matchbox theatre

SCF PHOTO 8 copy
Production photography by Christopher Starnawski

Rubee Sookee is a big funny girl, on stage again with her new fourty-five minute stand-up sketch comedy show, part of the 11th Sydney Comedy Festival.

It  was a sold out opening night performance, featuring a constant flow of clever and very funny short comedy scenes, keeping the audience laughing throughout. The comedy was interspersed with her cleverly choreographed dance routines, with inspired help from her forever loyal back up dancer, Levi.

Rubee’s imaginative life choices, easily created a patchwork of related comedic episodes.  created lots of laughter and applause.

Rubee Sookee’s never-ending cast of her comedy creations, those cute and rude furry creatures included Colin the bear, Kevin the frog, and many more, with punch-lines from off-centre sketches about life, worms and marsupials.The characters were all voiced by Rubee.

IT’S RUBEEEEEE IN LIGHTS is playing the Matchbox, a tiny 53 seat studio space at the Factory Theatre. There was one more performance, this Saturday night at 7pm.


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