Much ado about nothing PLUS much ado about everything. Expecting to be entertained by NOTHING, this chilling play concerns the absolute freedom of the individual PLUS the non-recognition of adult authority.

The play begin with the words . . .
“Nothing matters – I’ve know that for a long time” –
“So nothing is worth doing” –
“I think – I’m sure the world has no meaning . . . ”

A wonderful theatrical experience, this clever play is a deeply disturbing nordic tale of young adolescence, with children taking and making all the decisions at the abandoned sawmill, including deadly decisions.


Pierre-Anthon declares teenage nihilism, by stating “In a few years you will all be dead” and further declares, that there is no meaning to life. Together the children build their sacrificial “heap of meaning”. Much-loved things/treasures are added BUT no one is exempt, and moreover nothing is off limits.

Quite large and wonderful heavily sloping triangle set. Wearing sneakers is required, otherwise the two actors might fall into the audience. The two cast members were already on stage, as audience took their allocated seats, at the Sydney premiere, opening night.

The set design provided false perspectives of tallness-shortness, with cast shrinking each time they move to stage down, very much like The Royal Ballet’s 2011 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland at the Royal Opera House, London.

The young cast of two, are wonderful actors, persuasively performing in multiple roles and using multiple voices, and they took the audience on a fast seventy minute journey to discover everything. Heavily reminded of William Golding’s 1954 novel LORD OF THE FLIES, and Norton Juster’s 1961 children’s book THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH where Milo initially believes that each and every activity, seems a waste of his time.

NOTHING is lucidly directed by Erin Taylor, and is the greatly reduced cast, English Language two-hander version of the stage adaptation of Janne Teller’s 2010 Danish Language controversial fiction novel NOTHING, that was censored for a time, until the novel was awarded the Best Book Prize by the Danish Ministry for Culture, the prestigious Le Prix Libbylit plus the American Michael L. Printz Honor Award.

Riverside’s National Theatre of Parramatta (NTofP), presents NOTHING as adapted from the fiction novel by Janne Teller.

STARRING – Joseph Raboy and Alyona Popova
PLAYWRIGHT – Pelle Koppel, adapted from the fiction novel by Janne Teller
DIRECTOR – Erin Taylor
Lighting Designer – Kate Baldwin
Production Designer – Kelsey Lee
Sound Designer – Aimée Falzon
Costume Designer – Antony Mahklou
Production Managers – Tyler Fitzpatrick (Paperjam Partners)
Stage Manager – Jen Jackson
Photos by Noni Carroll Photography.


1st to 10th September 2022
Lennox Theatre, Riverside Theatres – Corner of Church Street and Market Street, Parramatta, NSW.

Trigger Warning. EXPECT – coarse language and graphic adult content. Content is graphic and may be triggering (think Squid Game level). Sensitive subject matter including references to rape and sexual assault, animal cruelty, violence, finger amputation and death. Recommended for ages 15 and over. SUITABLE FOR YEARS 11 – 12 (Stage 6).


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