BAREBOARDS 2022 : PLAYS IN THE SPOTLIGHT is playing the Arts Theatre, Cronulla on September 7, September 9 and September 10 at 8pm.

There will be 3 plays of 30 minute duration.

 Lindsey Brown – ‘A Lovely Day for a Boating Trip 

Two best friends, one wedding and only one means of escape. A bride will test the limits of friendship and learn some hard truths in the process.

 Lindsay Brown- Timber

 A cliff top hike to find love is never going to be a smooth path.

To find it, you’re going to need to be prepared to fall from a great height.

 Rex McGregorQueen Takes Emperor: –

 Based on the extraordinary 1807 meeting between Queen Louise of Prussia and French Emperor Napoleon I at Tilsit. Queen Louise met with the Emperor to plead (unsuccessfully) for favourable terms after Prussia’s disastrous losses in the Napoleonic Wars. She was already well loved by her subjects, but her meeting with Napoleon led Louise to become revered as “the soul of national virtue”. Her early death at the age of thirty-four “preserved her youth in the memory of posterity”, and caused Napoleon to reportedly remark that the king “has lost his best minister”.

 BAREBOARDS  began in late 2010 as a way to provide members with additional acting opportunities in addition to our mainstream plays.

 Not all members have the time to dedicate to a mainstream play, which is about 5 months. There are those times when members are just not right for the parts available, so it can be a long time between gigs. 

 Arts Theatre Cronulla’s aim  is to provide opportunities for members to view interesting work, get involved in smaller productions as  techies, stage managers, actors and to present their own works as writers and directors.