Photos by Clare Hawley


Little Eggs Collective’s production of MOON RABBIT RISING is a non verbal presentation of a myth re imagined for millennia.

Inspired by the legend of 后羿 (Hou Yi) and 嫦娥 (Chang’e), Directed by Nicole Pingon and devised by the company, MOON RABBIT RISING begins in primordial haze with primal humming, a primitive community choir in huddled harmony.

As legend has it, there were ten suns in the sky, each taking their turn to rise and set, until one day all ten suns leapt together and ran wild. Through movement and mime, five performers guide us through this cosmic chaos.

Dressed in white, on a bare stage save for a central plinth, Mym Kwa, Jon Lam, Jasper Lee-Lindsay, Monica Sayers and Rachel Seeto journey us through a guided discovery of dream, chimera, trance, dance, and non verbal vocalisation.

No speech but a symphony of imagery imaginatively executed. Words fail, body language prevails. MOON RABBIT RISING is playful, precise, poignant, simple yet searing in its spectacle, mesmerising and subtly magical. There are emotions evoked, fears stoked, actions provoked, deliverance hoped. 

Little Eggs Collective have built a strong reputation through their previous productions of Pinocchio, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Symphonie Fantastique, and MOON RABBIT RISING further cements their excellent consistency in adventurous theatre.

MOON RABBIT RISING boasts 50 minutes of fine physical performance in the Downstairs Theatre at Belvoir Street.

Bookings at 25A Belvoir

Sunday Matinee 3rd July – 5.15pm

Tuesday 5th July – 6.45pm

Wednesday 6th July – 6.45pm

Thursday 7th July – 7.45pm

Friday 8th July – 7.45pm

Saturday Matinee 9th July – 2.15pm

Saturday 9th – 7.45pm

Sunday Matinee 10th July – 5.15pm