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bernie dieter’s club kabarett in the spiegeltent: rock on at the rocks

Now is the winner of the bent show tent, made glorious stunner by Bernie Dieter’s Club Kabarett in the famous Spiegeltent .

The Burlesque aesthete is pure and complete, with MC Bernie Dieter leading this stunning elite of circus athletes.

Bernie’s sexual/political critique in bawdy banter and lascivious lyrics is interspersed with hypnotic hula hoop, deep throat fire eating complete with pastie blazing, a bamboozling balloon ballerina, a leather cod pieced and stiletto heeled aerialist, and an agile dipso acrobat.

What a piece of work is man and woman, the audience marvels, as these fit and flexible physiques delight and amaze us with feats of flamboyant, daring dexterity.

And sparks fly when an angle grinder is set to emancipate a woman from a chastity belt. The symbolism is sublime.

Androgyny embraced, misogyny embarrassed, Bernie Dieter’s Club Kabarett in the famous Spiegeltent invades the privacy of the whole audience, an invasion in which the audience unequivocally welcomed being taken hostage.

Arresting in her stage presence, a command of space and audience absolute, Bernie Dieter vamps, torches and thrills through a set of songs in high octane, octave variance, a vocal virtuosity as agile and flexible as the more solely physical acts.

From the rock opera thrumming Lick My Pussy, to the hilarious penis selfie deprecation ditty, Dick Pic, and through what may be described as the more traditional cabaret ballads, like A is For Alcohol, she does not miss a beat. Nor does the band.

Bernie Dieter’s Club Kabarett in the famous Spiegeltent plays at The Rocks till March 12. If you can secure a ticket consider yourself lucky.

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