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a stitch in time: sew good

Starring three Australian living national treasures and one, sadly, departed, A STITCH IN TIME is an unabashedly heart-warming story about former dressmaker Liebe whose life becomes frayed when the threads of her life start to stray.

When Liebe’s partner Duncan loses his job singing at the local pub, Liebe throws herself into helping Duncan realise his dream to record an album by going back to the sewing machine and making dresses to sell at the local market.

She is encouraged by fellow market stall owner and young up and comer designer, Hamish, and hits the treadle like there’s no tomorrow. The fact that the old sewing machine makes a hell of a din and that Duncan’s pride has suffered a terrible ding, makes for cruel and inharmonious relations between the couple, a relationship that is already glacial. He thinks he’s the only Singer she should be focused on, not realising he will reap what she sews.

Duncan’s failure at music stardom is an emotional emasculation, his wounded pride so self centred it causes an insurmountable schism and precipitates a separation from Liebe.

Liebe is offered sanctuary and support of her new found surge in sewing by an old friend, Christine. Much to the chagrin of Christine’s husband, Justin, his wife installs Liebe in their country estate’s upstairs quarters, where her newly ignited passion has her sewing through the night and early in the morning.

Chagrin hits the fan when Duncan finds out that Liebe is living with Justin and Christine because he believes Justin was the reason their juvenile band broke up and further resents Liebe’s new found passion and independence from him.

Making an impressive feature film debut, writer/director/editor Sasha Hadden has assembled a dynamic cast for A STITCH IN TIME. Maggie Blinco as Liebe, Glenn Shorrock as Duncan, Belinda Giblin as Christine and John Gregg as Justin are a formidable foursome and the film is exquisitely shot by cinematographer Don McAlpine.

A sweet film that does not shy from sour aspects of gender equality, race and ageism, A STITCH IN TIME is a rich character study and a rallying cry for diverse community engagement.


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