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two peas theatre company presents tara clark and kieran foster’s play ‘drift’ @ atyp studio 1

Featured Image by Lee Nutter.

The only solution to grief is to grieve. It’s as simple as that. You just have to grit your teeth and go through it.

You can try to bury it; to stow it away in the darkest cavities inside you, but grief grows thick and wet like moss in the dark.

You can try to ignore it, or pretend you don’t know it, but sooner or later it shows up on your doorstep, bags packed and intending on staying a while.

You can try to drown it, but you can be assured that the motherfucker will learn to swim.

The only way to learn this, is to have something to grieve for.

Funny, tender and deeply felt, DRIFT is an homage to young adulthood in all its guts as well as its glory. It is the follow up to Clark’s critically acclaimed Jennifer Forever, described by one critic as “such a brave and bold accomplishment” (Steve Zipper-Theatre Unzipped).

The fourth production by Two Peas, the indie theatre company who “rescued David Mamet’s Edmond” (Lisa Thatcher) and whose inaugural production We’re Bastards was described as “a great example of how the smaller theatre companies in Sydney are really knocking it out of the ball park” (Joy Minter).

DRIFT is the company’s third presentation of new Australian work.

July 20th to 30th, 7pm Wednesday to Saturday, 5pm Sunday 24th

VENUE- ATYP Theatre, 4/5 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay.

For more about Drift, visit!drift/vjjfz
Find us on: YouTube | Facebook


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