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toxic kiss presents jouissance

Benedict and Margo of Toxic Kiss

“Toxic Kiss: Presents Jouissance” is a pithy “live art coalition” helmed by the over-achieving Margot Koch and her more pathetic half, Benedict Jaye J. Jay, who are hell-bent on bringing true art to the masses.

The pair are the theatrical alter-egos of writers and performers Clare Hennessy and Richie Black. They’ve concocted a riotous, bizarre show in ‘Jouissance’ that examines the true purpose of art, and in doing so stumble upon the hilarious and sometimes sobering lack of joy.

For just under an hour Margot and Benedict battle both inner and literal demons, characters observed so astutely they could be caricatures from inside a Sacha Baron Cohen mockumentary.

Hennessy and Black have wonderful comedic pairing, reminiscent of other popular double-acts such as French and Saunders or Lano and Woodley, with the curmudgeonly and berating Margot delightfully played against the morose and whimsical Benedict. reminding us that you don’t need to be an art lover or maker to understand what’s essentially a very Australian skepticism of pretense and poppy-cock.

The comedy mines the intellectual and the gleefully profane to superb effect – while bringing to life a surprisingly effective psychological subtext. It is also hilariously funny whether you are an art-lover or not. I look forward to seeing Toxic Kiss’s next work!

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