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theatresports is back : climax of sydney comedy festival 2022

Rob Carlton

Theatresports is back! And with the cream of the crop to have you rolling in the Enmore Theatre aisles.

After a year when we could all use a barrel of belly laughs, the longest-running comedy show in town is ready to hit the stage with the funniest, wittiest impro-comics entertaining audiences the only way they know how…by the seat of their pants!

You’ll see comedy scenes, stories & songs all made up on the spot, with the ridiculous scenarios you love from Theatresports & Whose Line Is It Anyway? All packed into a quick-fire comedy extravaganza.

Hosted by Rob Carlton & Adam Spencer, it features a stellar cast of improvising comedians, who’ll be challenged to make it all up on the spot, with no rehearsal & no prep time. It’s the ultimate actor’s nightmare… and an audience’s delight: improvised comedy at its fastest and funniest.

Equally thrilling Theatresports’ return to the beautifully renovated Enmore Theatre. And it all happens on Sunday May 22nd, 4pm, the climactic final night of the Sydney Comedy Festival 2022.

So, grab some friends (appropriately), or just bring your good self (you’ll make new friends!).

Directed by Theatresports legend Michael Gregory, the show stars David Callan, Ewan Campbell, Kate Coates, Gep Blake (Improvising Musical Maestro), Daniel Cordeaux, Sarah Gaul, Rob Johnson, John Knowles, Lisa Ricketts, Adam Spencer, Linette Voller, Rebecca DeUnamuno, Amanda Buckley, Jeff Mesina, Jestika Chand and Ru Halwala… with more yet to be announced.

 Sydney Comedy Festival 2022 and Impro Australia present THEATRESPORTS ALL-STARS
Sun 22 May 4 SHARP at the Enmore Theatre, Newtown  Running time 90 minutes
Tickets: $25-$65  Family passes available. Bookings:  or 9550 3666



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