THE HERO LEAVES ONE TOOTH is an evocative piece
of theatre set around a reunion and a dinner party where
nothing is quite what it seems. It has a noirish opening,
followed by an introduction of Neeve and Felix, two of the
main characters, who seem a little disconcerted, and then
a musical introduction. As the other guests arrive some
comedic and farcical elements are introduced. This may
read as being confused and disarranged but the atmosphere
and energy of this drama  is captivating and intriguing. The
soundscape created by designer Zac Saric is a significant
contribution to the good feel of the production. The clever
script of Erica J. Brennan and the dynamic direction
of Cam Turnbull make THE HERO LEAVES ONE
TOOTH a very engaging play.

The serious dramatic aspects of THE HERO LEAVES ONE
TOOTH are not immediately revealed. The empowerment of
women is a theme that is interrogated and I thought it may have
been a drama about abortion rights but coercive control,
asexuality and homosexuality are also discussed. The actual
phenomena at the heart of the story has a science fiction
element to it that leads to some very dramatic and anguishing
scenes. It is impressive that all these components can coalesce
into a coherent and entertaining production.

There performances by the actors are very impressive and
the musical skills and singing of various cast members is an added
highlight. The excellent cast is Kira-Che Heelan, Michael McStay,
Tom Rodgers, Cara Whitehouse, Claudia Shnier, Patricio Ibarra
and David Woodland. They each brought splendid entertainment to
the play. I am reluctant to express a special preference for any
particular actor but I did like Patricio Ibarra as “the artist” Benito,
in a ridiculous role that must have been great fun to perform
and Claudia Schnier, as the artist’s muse Sacha, added vibrancy
and humour before displaying impressive intensity and anguish.

The full crew includes Lyricist and Composer Jake Nielsen, Music
Director Alexander Lee-Rekers, Production Design Meg Anderson,
Lighting Design Jasmin Borsovszky Sound Designer, Composer,
Arranger Zac Saric Video Design David Molloy, Dramaturg Joanna
Erskine, Intimacy Co-ordinator Shy Magsalin, Stage Manager Grace
Sackman, and Assistant Director Tahlia Merlino. Production photos
by Clare Hawley.

THE HERO LEAVES ONE TOOTH is on at KXT Broadway until
29th July and is highly recommended. KXT is also to be
commended on the consistently high standard of their productions
and on the opening night bonus of a performance by the excellent
blues singer and guitarist Alice Terry, a delightful touch.