British playwright Robin Soan’s play was first performed on 21st April 2005 at the Theatre Royal in Suffolk, England.

It is  a strong and confronting work of Verbatim Theatre. Every word spoken has come from the mouths of real people, from very different vantage points . . . terrorist, perpetrator, hostage, victim, politician, journalist, peacemaker. Christians, Sunni and Shia Muslims, IRA, Kurd, NRA, the British Army, Foreign Office, relief-worker, and psychologist.

Nine actors portray some twenty-eight characters. Soans’ play provides eye-opening insights, and is a rewarding exploration of many opposing points of views in the most pressing issue  that the world currently has to deal with.                     

Running time – 150 minutes, including one interval.

TALKING TO TERRORISTS is playing the King Street Theatre until 3rd June.

Playwright:- Robin Soans
Director:- Markus Weber
Cast:- Tiffany Joy, Alyson Standen, Mathew Costin, David D’Silva, Kira Fort, Zuzi Fort, Kyle Stewart, Joseph JU Taylor, Markus Weber

All photos by John Keenan.

KING STREET THEATRE – 644 King Street & Cnr Bray Street, Newtown.

(Entrance on Bray Street, the theatre is located above the South End Café)
Robin Soans’ TALKING TO TERRORISTS from 23 May until 3 June 2017.