Kaz Therese’s SLEEPLESSNESS is a very entertaining drama, the raw emotional journey of self-discovery plus remarkable forensic investigation, part mystery, part documentary. An important message play, the lived-experience of sone of the forgotten Australians. Bearded Ladies with Cushing Syndrome, and fully concerned with the fight against erasure, and particularly about family trauma /violence /identity /gender /death, which may be triggering.

True story of family and family history, KAZ THERESE grew-up on Darug Land in Mt Druitt, Western Sydney, NSW. Grandmother, mother, sister, self. The family journey of these four women, with Kaz Therese’s journey from Budapest 2003, and back to Sydney in 2022,

“I grew up not knowing my family history. My mother had her whole childhood memory erased. I thought I could stitch back the body of my family through art, and in doing so I found a story that I feel most Australians can relate to.” – KAZ THERESE

In Australia throughout the 1900s, more than five hundred thousand children (and migrant children too) experienced “institutional care” in Australian religious institutions, including with “The Starvation Army” and with “The Cattle-Prods”. Kaz Therese’s grandmother and mother were two of those children.

The Australian Parliament in 2009, formally acknowledged and apologised for the harsh treatment, and ongoing PTSD trauma of Forgotten Australians and former child migrants. An Australian Government apology is not enough. The awful intergenerational impacts from rampant Australian Institutionalisation during the 1900s, so be very very grateful, that you have never ever been an orphan or placed into foster-care. Highly Recommended.


LENNOX THEATRE 19th and 20th AUGUST 2022





Trigger Warning – EXPECT adult content/themes and implied sexual violence, which may be triggering. Recommended for ages 15+

Writer/Performer – Kaz Therese
Co-Writer and Director – Anthea Williams
Cultural Leadership – Aunty Rhonda Dixon-Grovenor
Composer – Anna Liebzeit
Video Artist – Zanny Begg
Lighting Designer – Karen Norris
Choreographer – Martin del Amo
Stage Manager – Anastasia Mowen
Video Consultant – Samuel James
Producer – Erin Milne for Bureau of Works
Curator – Daniel Mudie Cunningham
Cinematography (Budapest) – Margie Medlin
Additional Film Materials – Kaz Therese
Cinematography (Sydney) – Tania Lambert
Commissioner – Carriageworks
Photo credit – Alex Wisser