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short+sweet 2017 top 80 : week one @ the depot theatre


The biggest little play festival in the world. 2017 and this is the sixteenth year of SHORT+SWEET THEATRE SYDNEY, running Wednesdays to Sundays, from 11th January 2017 to 18th March 2017.

In March 2017 the best of the best are returning for the Special Event Shows, and the long awaited 2017 Gala Final performances on 16 17 18 March 2017.

Short and Sweet Festival Director, Wayne Tunks, has selected an excellent first week of thought provoking plays, and very easy to recommend, with nine brand new plays, all well worth experiencing:-


1 – Heat Visions
Written and Directed by Nick Subjak
Cast: Alice Furze
Superb comedy monologue in one voice, was an absolutely huge audience pleaser. Bright red full-body sunburn hurts, and the simple task of eating a bowl of cereal, collapses into trying to move close enough to try to open the cereal container.

2 – Alexander the Great
By James C Ferguson / Directed by Henrietta Stathopoulos
Cast: Maria Fouad, Gabrielle Green, Connor McInerny and Kayla Vanderent
Irreverent message piece, Alexander the Great arrives and insists that you have only two choices, conquered versus vanquished. These disbelievers choose the real solution, because living versus dying, is only a game that must be ignored.

3 – The Divide
Written and Directed by Nicola Quilter
Cast: Pearl Herbet and Emmanuel Spiropoulos
Events in the un-United Kingdom thirty years after BREXIT Thursday  23rd June 2016. Message of despair, seeking to return within the time limitation, into the deliberately walled City of London, now with its square-shaped Union Jack flag, with valid London passport in hand.

4 – Beard
ITC Presented by Viridescent
Written by Erin Middleton and Robert Miniter / Directed by Lawrence Dooley
Cast: Erin Middleton and Robert Miniter
The need to pretend to be, what parents incorrectly want. Both ignoring aversion therapy, boy meets girl, and girl offers to be his beard.

5 – The Office of Threats to Western Civilisation
Written by Kate Jaimet / Directed by Henrietta Stathopoulos
Cast: Connor McInerney, Gabrielle Green, Sophie Cuthel Logue, Guet MacAcuek, Nicolas Menohous and Mario Fouad
A message comedy of events occurring only in Canada. 2015 the Canadian Prime Minister vowed that, if re- elected, he would establish a tip-line where Canadians could denounce their neighbours for “barbaric cultural practices”.  With a big cast, very funny choices, brainwashing by Catholic Nuns, using nerf-guns as weapons of mass destruction, instantly guilty by profiling.

6 – Mid Life Crisis
ITC Presented by SJT
Written and Directed by Robert Sharpe
Cast: Barbara Hastings, Alannah Robertson and Robert Sharpe
The first play after interval, adultery causing a comedy of errors. Starting with his new red Porsche that gets the mistress, that leads to a comedy avalanche of consequences, and all could have been avoided via not buying the new red Porsche!

7 – Outback Mountain
By Peter Greenaway / Directed by Suz Mawer
Cast: David Bedelis and Anthony Thomas
Assumptions and presumptions about sexual orientation, on an Australian outback mountain adventure, this wolf-creek-ish comedy was a huge audience pleaser.

8 – Witness
By Bob Ballinger / Directed by Susan Stapleton
Cast: Donna Randall
Witness in the dock on trial, clever drama monologue presented in one voice. Starting with the unexpected and undeserved first slap from her abusive husband, and subsequent escalations, forever unacceptable behaviour, and frightening tragedy always follows with consequences.

9 – Dead Giveaway
By Daniel Guyton / Directed by Felicity Burke
Cast: Duncan Armitage and Felicity Burke
Unconventional Valentine’s Day gift, Robert has paid for a funeral plot for two, delivers an awkward comedy about life, death, dying and permitted re-marrying choices.

SHORT AND SWEET THEATRE 2017 Top 80 Week One, runs from Wednesday 11th January 2017 to Sunday 15th January 2017 at the Depot Theatre, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville. The theatre has on-site free car parking.

Twitter:  @ShortSweetFest
Instagram:  @shortsweetfest




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