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seizure kaiser- untitled cancer project

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 Seizure Kaiser is fully enjoying his fortunate life as a cancer survivor and now at age thirty, he delivers his latest maniacal comedy routine with a twist, encompassing the hilariously dark and completely true story of his dangerous high risk lifestyle during his twenties. Equally fun and entertaining PLUS crude and rude.

With his personal cancer message piece that uses stand-up comedy to reinforce the “go to your doctor” immediately when anything changes.

If you want to die from cancer, do not see this show. If you want to almost die from laughter, do see this show.

Right place at the right time, and despite now knowing that cancer is part of his family d.n.a. from his father, Seizure Kaiser is apparently “very lucky” to have his first heart attack at age 24, and just one of his doctors did eventually diagnose cancer at age 29, and we learn with comedy as to why he is “so very lucky” to have his first cancer completely removed.

“Why me?” to have accidentally found that huge cancer so early, and his intense story continues with this comedy journey to ultimately discover “Who can I take down with me?” Highly Recommended.

Seizure Kaiser will be back next year, with his new show GUTLESS  at the 2015 Sydney Comedy Festival.

SEIZURE CANCER- UNTITLED CANCER PROJECT played the Factory Theatre, 105 Victoria Road, Marrickville on the 10th and 12th September, 2014.


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