The sequel to the successful The Dry entitled FORCE OF NATURE : THE DRY 2 had its Sydney premiere at the Westpac Open Air cinema  at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair.

The film was scheduled to open in August last year but was held over due to the Hollywood writers strike.

The film will now open in Australian cinemas on the 8th February 2024.

The film directed by Robert Connolly once again commences with a murder which Eric Bana’s character xxx  must solve with the help of his partner XXX played by Jacqueline McKenzie.

One of the actor’s said that the film should be called The Wet as it takes place in the dark corners of a damp rainforest.

Director Robert Connolly
Miranda Tapsell
Sist Stringer
Robin McLeavy
Lucy Ansell
Joe Davidson
Jeremy Lindsay Taylor and partner
Lucy Ansell
Jacqueline McKenzie and daughter
Eric Ban=, Rebecca Gleeson wife, Sophia Banadinovich. daughter
Deborah-Lee Furness

Featured image Candice Dixon. Text and  photos by Ben Apfelbaumj