POTTED POTTER is an energetic, funny and entertaining parody of the Harry Potter series. Brendan is the bumbling MC and Scott is the Harry Potter expert, played by Brendan Murphy and Scott Hoatson respectively. Scott had instructed to Brendan to recruit twenty of the finest actors, including Dame Judi Dench, but Brendan has failed to do this and claims to have spent all the money on an animatronic dragon. Brendan and Scott have to play all the characters themselves and they do this with charm, slapstick, frustration and many of the devices of a quality pantomime.

Writers Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner have cleverly constructed a show that appeals to all ages. It is described as perfect for ages six to Dumbledore (who is very old indeed). For children in the audience, recognition of the characters matched with simple props and absurdity provides lots of entertainment. There are constant references and jokes thrown in for the adults’ amusement. We were offered confusion about characters from Lord of the Rings, macabre Watership Down connections and even allusions to the Fifty Shades franchise.

There was a high level of engagement from the audience especially as it was recruited into a game of Quidditch and loudly barracked for Gryffindor or Slytherin while aiming to hit inflated beach balls through life rings, masquerading as goals. The young girls chosen from the audience to chase and attack the Golden Snitch performed their task with gusto and relish, to the extent they shocked the British actors.
The technical crew of POTTED POTTER are to be commended. Their work added to the enjoyment of the evening and made it into an experience that the younger members especially should cherish and remember both fondly and with excitement. Lighting design is by Tim Mascall, set design is by Simon Scullion, Phil Innes is responsible for the music and the entertaining video is by Tom Hillenbrand.

POTTED POTTER originally premiered in 2006 at the Edinburgh Fringe festival in Scotland and has subsequently played on London’s West End, New York and Las Vegas. It continues to play at venues around the world. The Sydney season runs until 21st April at the Seymour Centre. It is entertaining and will find special resonance with Harry Potter fans.