The Old 505 Theatre in Newtown is hosting shows for the 2016 Sydney Fringe Festival, and PEDAL.CASTLES has created great interest since winning two awards in the NZ Fringe 2016.

PEDAL.CASTLES were created by House Of Sand production company, which also won Most Promising Emerging Company at the NZ Fringe 2016.  At its helm is dancer/performer Eliza Sanders and her brother Charles Sanders, who is the director.  PEDAL is the company’s first work and prequel to CASTLES.

Eliza choreographed her first work “Laugh” in 2011 and has since created over 4 full- length original works.  Her two current shows run for 45 minutes each and exemplify her amazing stamina and agility.  Her style is cross-art form which includes contemporary dance, powerful visual imagery, poetry and singing.

Eliza has chosen her content to be unorthodox, non-linear and random, however, the themes that are dominant, she says, are “freedom, discovery, flight, self-analysis/critique and sex”.  She wishes to evoke an emotional response through aesthetics and had an enthusiastic audience at the 505 Theatre.

It can be hard work for audiences to interpret such disjointed ideas so this piece of theatre may not be for everyone, but Eliza is very confident and supple on stage.  Her songs are engaging but could perhaps have been more varied and dynamic.

Eliza must be championed for her sheer commitment to her art and bold ideas.  She and her brother Charles definitely should be given the credit they deserve for PEDAL.CASTLES. Keep an eye out for their next performances.

PEDAL.CASTLES played at the Old 505 Theatre, Newtown between Tuesday 20 September and Saturday 24 September, 2016