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nick and tom – real estate agents


A comedy about real estate agents could follow many trajectories.
I expected it to pillory the archetypical pushy, brash,
shallow and deceptive agent who you can tell is lying
by the fact that his lips are moving. Instead NICK & TOM – REAL ESTATE AGENTS is a funny and entertaining
show focusing on the interaction between a business
owner’s son, who is not suited for the profession,
and an outsider who stumbles into a job and excels
and thrives in the occupation. It could be any
profession or any workplace dynamic. It is a clever
and very amusing study of two personality types and
their connection and stories.

Nick (Nick Harriott), after ineffectually trying to
sell a property orders a pizza. He asks if a party
combo is just for parties. It’s a comical scene and
it gives the audience insight into Nick’s personality
and his circumstance in life. Tom (Tom Waddell)
delivers the pizza and in stark contrast to Nick he
is energetic, garrulous and alert. The show has lots
of fun exploring the gradual development of their
relative impacts on the business and its effect on
their relationship.

Clever use of music adds to the narrative including
recorded music and an excellent duet sung by the two
actors. The audience also listens into the radio Nick
has coming through on his earbuds as he walks to work,
giving an insight into his state of mind and
foretelling how his day is likely to pan out.

NICK & TOM – REAL ESTATE AGENTS was written and
directed by Nick Harriott and Tom Waddell, with
sound and music by Nick Harriott. It runs at Factory
Theatre, Marrickville as part of Sydney Fringe
Comedy until Friday 2nd September, 2022.
It is highly recommended.



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