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the mummy bloggers by holly wainwright

Featured photo – Author Holly Wainwright.

If you like your novels sugar coated then read the MUMMY BLOGGERS by Holly Wainwright. Wainwright is the head of entertainment at Mamamia Women’s Network. She is a journalist, writer, editor, podcaster and working mother of two.

The premise of the Mummy Bloggers is simple enough. Three very different mothers devise and hatch plans and strategies in on-line warfare to vie for Blogger of the year at the Blog-aahs awards. There is plenty of drama and deception along the way.  Competition is fierce. It begs the question, at what lengths will some people go to be successful while betraying the public in the process? It highlights the fact that many ordinary people want their day in the spotlight and their fifteen minutes of fame.

The mothers are all deeply flawed individuals who want to measure up to society’s expectations of being high achievers and self-made celebrities.

Firstly there is Elle who is extremely calculating.  On the surface she is a picture perfect person but she is actually extremely superficial, vacuous and pretentious with unattainable goals and values. She wants to win at all costs pursuing fame and fortune. Keeping up appearances is important to her. ‘’For Elle, kids had always been something that needed to be ticked off a list-like eating your vegetables.’’

Next there is Abi. She breaks the rules of convention and is a non-conformist. She says that her blog is ‘’useful not ornamental’’ and ‘’revolutionary.’’ She confesses in her blog  with humour that touches the funny bone, that she has “sinned and eaten a pie.’’

Lastly there is working Mum Leisel who has “a blog about motherhood angst and regret’’ and finds ‘’solace by blogging.” She literally loses the plot in the way she handles a troll but like the others seeks affirming praise and admiration from her followers.

Devoted partners  are drawn into their webs. It is not until Zoe arrives in town that a spanner is thrown into the works.

The subject matter is quite topical. An article in the Daily Telegraph states that ‘‘fake news is damaging. We have been bombarded with so much fake content from bloggers and influencers…the rise of social media is contributing to the spread of misinformation.” Sixty  Minutes said that readers/followers are “ under the spell of the social influencers.”

The use of expletives in the novel are intended for shock value but do little to enhance the characters.

This book is likely to appeal to readers in their thirties.

THE MUMMY BLOGGERS by Holly Wainwright is light, escapist reading. Published by Allen and Unwin. R.R.P $29.95.



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