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missing by melanie casey

Adelaide born writer Melanie Casey

This is the third book in a series featuring Cass Lehman and her partner, police detective Ed Dyson. It is the story of an unlikely serial killer and the dogged attempts to discover his identity.

“Sounds like a typical murder mystery,” you may be thinking – but you are wrong. Author Melanie Casey has added a twist which enables her to straddle two genres: murder mysteries and psychic curiosities.

First, a little about Melanie Casey. Casey was born and lives in South Australia with her two young children and her husband.

After studying English Literature and Classical Studies, Melanie shifted to Law, and now works in government.

A chance meeting with a high school English teacher in the supermarket made Melanie realise that she should be doing what she’d always loved, writing! Another period of study, this time at the Professional Writing School of Adelaide’s College of the Arts ensued, helping Melanie acquire the skills she needed to put her plan into action.

Returning to MISSING- Cass Lehman has the psychic ability to re live the last moments of the dead. Her mother and grandmother also have psychic powers but theirs are less powerful and frightening.

The reader becomes enthralled by the investigations of the police and fascinated, sometimes haunted, by the terrible ‘gift’ which Cass possesses. The unusual tale is told very convincingly, mainly because of the skilful writing of Melanie Casey. Her characters are credible and the reader is drawn into their lives and becomes desperate to know more about them, both professionally and personally.

Although set in Australia, the novel has global appeal as Ms Casey sidesteps the parochialism of some Australian mystery writers [who shall remain nameless]. This is my first experience of her work but I will certainly seek out her first two books to satisfy my newfound interest.

Melanie Casey’s MISSING is to be released by highly regarded Australian Book publisher Pantera Press in February.


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