MAGGOT is funny, silly, full of energy and definitely worth catching.

Performers Angela Fouhy, Elle Wootton and Freya Finch are playing characters that were ostensibly  the international pop sensation The Baby Girls. They explain they are moving away from pop and into art, possibly to talk about the stock market but possibly to talk about themselves. MAGGOT is part comedy sketch show, part musical cabaret and part circus. The artists’ clowning background shows in their dance routines, fight scenes and being lost in the desert but surreal dialogue and eclectic music choices has the audience laughing, cheering and clapping. It is such a fun show that the audience eagerly participates when requested.

I could give a convoluted explanation of what a cowboy rat fighting sketch is but it is probably easier to just go and see the show. Similarly the hilarious cat musical, with a big nod to Andrew Lloyd Webber, is best experienced live. Fans of magic may be disappointed by the routine of the great Gorganzola, although comedy fans should have a more rewarding experience. The show progresses at breakneck speed and there is little time to regain your breath before the next assault on your senses is launched by this talented trio.

To divulge more would be giving too much away. My advice is to see and enjoy the show.

MAGGOT is part of the Sydney Fringe Festival and is playing at the Touring Hub – Old 505 Theatre, 5 Eliza Street, Newtown until Saturday, 29th September.