Lynette Noni: Akarnae


AKARNAE, written by Lynette Noni and published by Pantera Press, is an engaging book. True it is that it has recognisable elements of the Harry Potter saga, the Narnia chronicle and the X-men franchise, but they fit neatly into the story and, when it comes to sheer inventiveness, the book would satisfy any fantasy devotee. The author has clearly given her imagination a free rein: ideas such as virtual reality movies, instant food, communication by hologram, a sentient library and teleportation devices abound.

The work is clearly directed at the teenage market, and the author excels in the use of teenage cadence and expression.

The story never lags. Indeed, it only takes nine pages before the heroine, Alex, finds herself in the alternative world of Medora.

One weakness is the characterisation of Alex. Perhaps because so much happens to her, the author spends virtually no time in telling the reader about what sort of person she is, her likes and dislikes and her idiosyncrasies.All the dangers and tribulations she endures and overcomes, often with help, only because she has been “Chosen”. Apart from the fact that without Alex the story would collapse, if she were removed from the latter part of the book, the thought does arise as to whether many would care. However there are 4 more books planned to detail Alex’s further adventures, presumably in Medora, and therefore ample opportunity to reverse that impression.

For all teenagers who dream of other worlds and the extraordinary experiences they might find in them, this book is recommended.