Spoiler alert.

The butler did it.

Or did he?

Perhaps it was the maid.

In any event it may get the butler laid.

Speaking of laid, is producing a play called LET’S KILL AGATHA CHRISTIE killing the goose of golden eggs at the Genesians? This theatre has thrived on Christie cosy crime stories, originals and adaptations, building quite a reputation for quality cardigan and slippers twisty clue strewn capers.

In this provocatively titled play, lack lustre literary wannabe, Prudence Sykes, (Never mention that Christie dame’s name in my house!), invites her old school chums to a gathering at her home. They have all achieved success in their careers while she has struggled, even though she can afford to employ a butler and a maid and a personal assistant. Never let the truth get in the way of a trope, eh what!

Speaking of tropes, which of the troupe is a likely suspect? Could it be Sir Frederick Belting, the self-made millionaire? Perhaps the fading film star, John Hartley-Miles? Or investigative poet journalist Marjory Field?

Such a gathering with servants and sleights can only begin with one thing. A death. But is it murder, suicide, or natural causes? Suspicion and motive rise from old animosities and rivalry. And then an inspector calls. And then there was some.

The cast acquit themselves admirably in this paper thin plot, with special mention of Peter J. Donnelly as the butler Tombs, the perfect personification of his appellation, and Andrea Blight as the maid, Gladys, displaying a giddying comic flair. This pair extends the great theatrical tradition of the servants stealing the show.

With a splendid set designed by director Gregory George, LET’S KILL AGATHA CHRISTIE benefits from a lighting and sound design by Michael Schell and wardrobe and wigs from veteran costumer, Susan Carveth.

LET’S KILL AGATHA CHRISTIE by Anthony Hinds has been directed by Gregory George.

Running Time: 2hrs including 20min interval

Season: 4th May – 8th June 2024  Friday and Saturday nights at 7.30pm
Sunday matinée at 4.30pm

GENESIAN THEATRE is located at 420 Kent Street Sydney

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