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lesbian vampires of sodom @ the kings cross hotel

Looking for another hit in the Mardi Gras line up? Lesbian Vampires of Sodom ticks all the boxes: it is hilarious and outrageously camp with great performances by the entire cast. When two very competitive female vampires cross paths, the fur looks set to fly. Starting in ancient Sodom, the jokes abound in the initial act where a young virgin is being prepared as a sacrifice for the Succubus. The play then fast forwards to the 1920s, where the vampires are both actresses who are vying for film roles (among other things). Mouth watering young lovelies are constantly a source of both lust and hunger for the vampires, though mostly hunger, with screamingly funny special effects. Their journey through time ends in Las Vegas, where Madeleine Astarte (Eliza Reilly) belts out a mean Cher number.

The show is a visual treat: fantastic costumes dazzled and energy levels that were almost as high as the feathers on the head dresses. The show is a little light on plot, but performances made up for this. Eliza Reilly is a knock out as Madeleine Astarte, her confident and bold approach to the material is fantastic, her vocals impress as well. Nicholas Gells doesn’t quite have the pipes that Reilly has, but his turn as La Condessa is hilarious. La Condessa’s penchant for bloodsucking is insatiable, but in the end she sucks it up and joins Astarte in her Vegas show.

Regrets? If I could turn back time, I would have sat closer to the front where the action was, where the view was a bit better. Don’t make my mistake, get as close to the front as you can!

Featuring:  Jamie Collette, Skylar Ellis, Nicholas Gell, Pollyanna Nowicki, Olivia Flynn and Eliza Reilly.

Creative Team: Samantha Young, Benjamin Brockman, Anthony Spinaze, Matthew Predny, Eliza Reilly, Nat Jobe and Alexander Butt.

A Brevity Theatre Company production, LESBIAN VAMPIRES OF SODOM is playing at the Kings Cross Hotel until the 7th March.

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