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kryptonite at the stc

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Tim Walter and Ursula Mills in Sue Smith’s KRYPTONITE. Pic Lisa Tomasetti

Australian playwright Sue Smith’s new play KRYPTONITE begins back in 1989 in the hallowed halls of Sydney University. Two young, idealistic students from very different backgrounds have a passionate affair. Dylan is a laidback, surfie type from Sydney’s northern beaches. Lian is a timid, highly strung exchange student from mainland China. Dylan  is able to comfort Lian who is distressed by the recent horrific events that have taken place back home as a result of  the Tinanmen Square student protests.

Their intense student affair evolves into a complex relationship  that spans a quarter of a century at a time of enormous personal, social and political change.

Geordie Brookman expertly directs the action which plays ninety minutes straight through, his creative team led by set and costume designer Victoria Lamb and lighting designer Nicholas Rayment set the scene well, and his two actors, Tim Walter and Ursula Mills deliver compelling portrayals. Both their characters go on from being hippy students to establishing important careers; Dylan as a prominent federal politician, and Lian as one of her country’s leading mining executives.

Through the play there’s this sense of these two adventurous, determined souls swimming against the current…they love each other deeply however there are so many differences between them- in their values, their cultures, their governments… Can their great love survive the ever stronger rips?!

Recommended. A joint Sydney Theatre Company and State Theatre Company production, Sue Smith’s KRYPTONITE opened at Wharf 1, Sydney Theatre Company on Tuesday 16th September and is playing until Saturday 18th October, 2014.


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