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koala joe – the musical – australian premiere @ king street theatre newtown

Playwright/Director Markus Weber and Composer Michael Summ, have created KOALA JOE, a new musical journey driven by the spirit of The Dreamtime.

Joe, a homesick Australian boy, lives in a boarding school located above the snowline in Austria, and he is training to be a downhill skier.

Whilst asleep, a mysterious messenger from The Dreamtime visits Joe,  “I am Yalunda – daughter of the Great Mother Eingana, who once created everything. I am the water, the rocks, and the trees. I am a bird, a koala, a kangaroo and an emu too. I am the ancient bow, Toon and the Boomerang. I am Yalunda your sister and Yoola your brother too.”

Joe befriends Emu the Emu that everyone says is an ostrich, then meets Cuddle the Koala and Matilda the Kangaroo. Everyone is homesick, and then suddenly Matilda is stolen.

With the help of Jasmine, the orphan zookeeper, they undertake a journey to rescue Matilda. With courage and the help of Yalunda, together the new friends choose to find their way home, back to Australia.

Entertaining but also educational, an authentic theatre experience for infants/primary school children, and a show which easily delivers the important message of always being there for friends.

With delightful costumes, makeup and songs, the show comes in  at under seventy minutes, and  sees the young cast create a world of imaginative possibilities.

Great to see so many children taking delight from the experience of live theatre, created especially for their enjoyment.

KING STREET THEATRE – 644 King Street and corner of Bray Street, Newtown. (Entrance on Bray Street, the theatre is located above the South End Café)
16 until 28 January 2017



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