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is this anything? a quote from p.d.ouspensky

I have been reading this great book created and edited by Susan Hayward entitled ‘Being’ published by In -Tune Books.

This is the fourth book to be published by Hayward following on from ‘A Guide For The Advanced Soul’, ‘Begin It Now’ and ‘Bag Of Jewels’.

Hayward’s publications comprise a selection of quotations. Some  are accompanied by illustrations. in the case of the publication ‘Being’ the illustrations comprise of ‘prints’ of classical artworks.

Below is quote from the book by PD Ouspensky.

Pyotr Demianovich Ouspenski, (born 5 March 1878, died 2 October 1947), was a Russian philosopher who was particularly drawn to the works of Greek-American philosopher George Gurdjieff. 

Here is the quote :

“When you realise and become firmly convinced that things could not be different, you cease to argue.

Arguing is based on the idea that things could be different and that some people could do things differently.

Try to think from the point of view, that all that happens happens because it cannot be different. If it could be different it would have happened differently.

It is very simple, but very difficult to realise”


I have long ago lost count of the times that I have wracked my brain pondering – why did this friendship or that relationship fall apart. What if we had made different choices?

I love this line, – ‘If it could be different it would have been different’.


Does this quote do anything for you?









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