You can claim your stake and eat it too.

Imagine a house that grows its own food” – that’s the vision of Joost Bakker, who was once dubbed the ‘Poster Boy of Zero Waste Living’ by The New York Times.

GREENHOUSE BY JOOST is an inspiring feature documentary following Bakker as he builds a self-sustaining home in the centre of Melbourne, an ecosystem that provides its occupants with water, energy, shelter and nourishment. Joined in his work by chefs Matt Stone and Jo Barrett, Bakker faces his fair share of challenges to finish the home. Bureaucratic delays, COVID shutdowns and blackouts all threaten the build.

In the rush to be self sustaining, aspects of aquaculture and fish farming fall fatally foul, but the team has a never say die aspiration to build an edifying edifice, and come the hell of high water, they persevere and preserve their passion.

The bio diversity of the building is unbelievable, even the welcome mat is edible.

A kind of Grand Designs meets Masterchef, GREENHOUSE BY JOOST is an extraordinary picture of an extraordinary project. It gives one hope and confidence that a sustainable world will emerge kicking and screaming from our climate challenged environment.

Ingenuity and willpower, both personal and political, could well be the solution to many of our environmental evils, and this film may well be the springboard to launch your lunchtime lodge, your menu maison, your totally sustainable house.

And it may just whet your appetite for crickets. Crunchy yum!

GREENHOUSE BY JOOST is directed by Rhian Skirving and Bruce Permezel.

See it and be inspired or I’ll eat my welcome mat.