In this scam riddled world, BLAGA’S LESSONS comes as a cautionary and sobering story.

Blaga is a recently widowed woman, a retired teacher determined to give her late husband a good grave and headstone.

Ostensibly sensible and astute, she is duped by a scammer pretending to be part of a police sting and loses the money set aside for her spouse’s final resting place.

Told by the police that no such sting exists and therefore retrieval of her funds is doubtful, Blaga seeks work but is constantly told she is too old. She has one private student who she is teaching Bulgarian in order to attain citizenship but the single tuition fee is not enough to compensate for her loss.

To add to her misery, she is shamed for being scammed, labelled as stupid by the media and her own son.

BLAGA’S LESSONS is a stark, coruscating excursion into the ripple effects of crime and how desperation can lead to devastation. Directed and co-written by Stephan Komandarev, it boasts a stunning central turn by Eli Skorcheva as Blaga.

BLAGA’S LESSONS is one of the rough diamonds in this years Europa! Europa Film Festival which returns to Sydney for its third year from Thursday 15 February to Monday 11 March 2024.

Europa! Europa 2024 presents a handpicked selection of entertaining, heartfelt, and thought-provoking films from compelling storytellers and new cinematic voices.

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15 February – 10 March
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