DISCONNECT ME – THE MOVIE – NEW AUSTRALIAN DOCO – Mobile Telephone addiction EXPLAINED in this detailed and thoughtful new documentary.

Recently whilst both watching and listening to the ELVIS MUSICAL at the State Theatre, there were seven women in the seats in front of me, and they were not illegally video recording the ELVIS MUSICAL. However each was holding the telephone in their hand, because they were all constantly waiting for the sms hospital message, to let them know that an organ donor had been found and that their LUNGS AND HEART transplant was awaiting their arrival at the hospital.

Again and again and again, their smartphone loudly chimed the arrival of a new sms hospital message, to let them know that an organ donor had been found. Again and again and again, they did NOT rush to the hospital. Before interval a very loud and obnoxious telephone ring tone was heard, along with the audience SHOUTING turn off the telephone, followed more than twenty seconds later, by the one very loud voice drowning out ELVIS as she screamed SORRY I FORGOT TO TURN OFF THE PHONE.

DISCONNECT ME – THE MOVIE – Written and Directed by Alex Lykos – – – Duration 87 minutes.

YES the story begins when Alex Lycos, fully and completely disconnects for thirty days, from his smartphone, indeed all of his devices. Will Alex Lycos survive the PTSD mental health trauma achieved, via his loss of connection ?

Alex Lycos in this storytelling documentary, and with humour fully investigates smartphone addiction, and the many social impacts are fully questioned when interviewing academia, adults, teenagers, children, and in fact anyone admitting to owning a smartphone.

Directed by Australian independent filmmaker Alex Lykos (Alex & Eve, Me & My Left Brain),

Official selection at the prestigious Cinefest Oz Film Festival, DISCONNECT ME – THE MOVIE releases in Australian Cinemas, from Thursday 19th October 2023.


Director – Alex Lykos
Writer – Alex Lykos
Producers – Alex Lykos and Peter Maple
Executive Producers – Manish Shah and Chris Pappas and Bill Kritharas
Animation Directors – Miriana Marusic and Jefferton James
Director of Photography – Matt Ryan
Composers – Cassie Parke and George Ellis
Editor – Miriana Marusic


Alex Lykos




VIDEO – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXvV5vcxMWQ&