The latest original work by writer, director Liviu Monsted  STREET, is set to world premiere at the King Street Theatre at 7:30pm, Tuesday 6th June.

The play is presented as the second play in a double bill, and  will follow another Monsted play Passing Time which premiered with a successful season at the Factory Theatre during the 2015 Sydney Fringe Festival.

Something about each  play.

PASSING TIME  was originally produced in 2015 at the Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival. This is an existential play set in an ordinary street that could be anywhere. The characters are all lost, each in their own way, and find they have little to live for. Until, that is, a parcel is set in front of a letterbox. Being on the scene of this simple event, creates a situation that becomes, for them, a call to action. It’s now up to them to finally make a choice in life!

The question becomes whether they will actually make a choice or alternatively just meander along into nothingness?!

STREET  is a harsh and revealing look into the lives of two young street urchins trying to survive with nothing to sustain their existence from day to day.

Foster and Miriam are quite accustomed to being alone and unnoticed; shunning others whilst being dependent on whatever they can get begging.

Unexpectedly, they come across two seemingly like minded individuals who are new to the cruel reality of living on the street. Not only must they come to terms with the new kids on the block; they find that they have to deal with what they learn about each other through the process.

An intriguing double bill by Mon Sans Productions, the season will play at the King Street Theatre, corner King and Bray Streets, Newtown between the 6th and 10th June.

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  1. Maybe this could be a bit better than their previous plays, though I remain cautious.

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