This is the new show at the Rockdale Theatre Guild. It is a revival of British playwright Jeffrey Archer’s 1987 play.

The back story to BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT is that Senior Counsel David Metcalfe has been charged with murdering his wife by giving her an overdose of her prescribed pain medication.

The play is clearly delineated into two Acts. The first Act is in the courtroom at London’s Old Bailey as the hearing takes place. In a theatrical conceit the audience is treated as the jury.

Act 2 takes us back in time. The action takes place in the living room of Sie David and Lady Metcalfe’s home in Wimbledon.  We are carefully led up  to the incident that the charge of murder hangs on.

Archer’s play is a slick crime/courtroom drama.Greg Kenyon as  Sir David Metcalfe, Jim Burns as Anthony Blair-Booth, Pauline Randall  played Justice Tredwell and Glenda Kenyon as Lady Millicent Metcalfe played the leading roles. Valmai Farrow gave an excellent performance as the Metcalfe’s nosey, disruptive maid, Mrs Rodgers.

Jim Farrow helmed the show. Kudos goes to the set design trio of Jim Farrow, Nathan Farrow and Greg Kenyon who came up with two excellent sets.

There were  a few  quibbles with  the production. The prompt Lee Wright was kept a little busy in the first lap half . Things were smoother in the second half.

The bio box operator miscued when the telephone kept on ringing after Lady Metcalfe had picked up the phone in a scene in Act 2.

I’m not too convinced about Jim Farrow’s decision to use the sound cue of a kettle boiling after Lady Metcalfe walked off stage to the kitchen. to make a cup of tea. Was it really necessary? I found it a little clunky.

All small stuff. Rockdale Theatre Guild continues to produce good community theatre. BEYOND REASONABLE  DOUBT is  playing until 12 March 2022. The  theatre is conveniently  located in Walz Street, five minutes from Rockdale train station.