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Mary Wren

Mary Wren is a High School English teacher in Sydney. In that capacity, she also teaches film studies and drama and is passionate about both mediums. Mary has been active in amateur productions, and also contributed as a drama director in school musical productions and Rock Eisteddfod. Mary has a great love of theatre in all its forms, from Shakespeare, to musicals, to Theatre of the Absurd and Opera, and sees as many productions as possible. Mary also enjoys dance, particularly the ballet and contemporary dance.

Posts by Mary Wren


It always works! Combine catchy songs, teenage love, lyrics that everyone in the audience knows and an infectious beat – and you have a sensational evening! In Australia we have had Johnny “O’Keefe – the Musical, Buddy Holly – the Musical and Peter Allen – The Boy from Oz, to mention a few, which successfully invoked this formula. You could go a hundred times and still want more!

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relative merits

This production takes place on a very small stage, but the staging choices made by director, Les Solomon, are very effective. Both actors move easily through the audience, thus breaking the fourth wall, which immediately forges a closer connection between the audience and the characters. Clay’s anguish in the hospital scene is powerful, and his unrestrained joy at Mardi Gras is infectious.

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