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audrey clark – stinky pig gets rich


Audrey Clark likes to make fun of herself, answering machines, stand up comedians, writers and musicians. Marketers, Christians, affirmations and families are also in her sights. Audrey’s comedy takes on these entities with intelligence and humour.

Audrey flippantly presents herself as a struggling independent artist, dressing appropriately and satirising her dire straits. The fashion industry’s disdain for the environment and its particular impact on her are amusingly derided.

Audrey has written and performs the songs for her show. These contain some of the funniest moments of the evening and, while she deliberately sings badly in some, her singing and musicianship pleasantly exceed what you would expect in a comedy show. Be
prepared for some clever and funny anti-Christian rap, apparently sexist punk pop and an empowering R&B song.

The off stage sound is an integral part of the show and Nick Layson on lighting and sound added to the fun and atmosphere of the evening.

Audrey claims she wants to be rich, and she says that if she can’t this being a famous comedian, she’ll do it as a songwriter, or a marketing expert or a bank robber. She weaves this money making angle into her show and has fun trying to bring the audience along with her.

Audrey Clark’s STINKY PIG GETS RICH blends stand-up with original songs, and is recommended. The show opened at The Factory Theatre, Marrickville on
Wednesday 28th September as part of the Sydney Fringe Comedy. There is one
more show on Friday 30th September, 2022.


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