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annie boyle – you’re joking @ enmore laneway theatre

HENTY NSW used to have a population of 863 people, and then to reduce the population to 862 people, the very jokey ANNIE BOYLE departed for the big smoke. HENTY NSW remains famous and well known for their one and only and quite unique “stand-up comédienne extraordinaire”, their undisputed star ANNIE BOYLE, who went to Sydney NSW, to become a “former small-town girl” since she now resides in Sydney.  

At the ENMORE LANEWAY THEATRE – “YOU’RE JOKING” dryly delivers the multitude of reflections experienced by a Comedienne Extraordinaire. Her debut solo show of radical truthfulness, and with immaculate and perfect timing, enjoy all her greatest hits comedy, the best of her best, plus expect there will be cheese, uber etiquette, dating apps, housing for slugs, unwanted birthdays, talking to dogs, what to eat at KFC, her Sydney, her HENTY, her family, her town, her career, etc.

Learn precisely why HENTY NSW is exactly like Manhattan Island, New York City, USA – tinder in HENTY NSW – so many tropes – damn entertaining without resorting to swearing – The Friday Night audience loved the comedy lines and the running gag – and yes every audience is different and this was the correct kind of audience, that went completely off the rails with their laughter.

Telling with delightful comedy moments, some important things about her life journey to where she is today. Anecdotes of her loving the people of Sydney – a stand up comedy show about nothing and sweet-nothings and everything and everywhere and also all of the time. Please be advised, unfortunately ENMORE LANEWAY THEATRE is not wheelchair accessible. Content Warning – M rated comedy entertainment. Highly Recommended.

ANNIE BOYLE is an actor, writer, improviser and stand-up comedian. After a year at NIDA’s Screen Actors Studio, she completed a Diploma of Arts (Acting) at Sydney Theatre School. During this time, ANNIE BOYLE performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in “Clitorosity Cocktastrophes & Other Things You Can’t Get Your Mouth Around”, a sketch comedy which played to sold-out audiences.

08:15 PM Friday 13th May 2022

08:15 PM Saturday 14th May 2022

06:00 PM Sunday 15th May 2022






ENMORE LANEWAY THEATRE is located deep inside “ENTRANCE A” of the ENMORE THEATRE at 118-132 Enmore Road, NEWTOWN, NSW. Please head for the inside staircase marked as ENMORE THEATRE DOOR SIX which also has the sign “LANEWAY ENTRY B”. “ENMORE LANEWAY” exists as an actual laneway (and fire exit) which is parallel to Enmore Road. “ENMORE LANEWAY THEATRE” is a forty seat air-conditioned venue, that is located directly next to the first rear fire exit of the ENMORE THEATRE from the Stalls Seating.





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