Amy Hack as Miriam in ‘A Is for Apple’. Pic Robert Catto

Jewish playwright Jessica Bellamy who wrote the play ‘Shabbat Dinner’ is  back with her new play A IS FOR APPLE.

Shoshana is a twelve year old jewish girl studying for her bat mitzvah. In  the jewish religion, when a girl turns thirteen, she goes through  a ceremony, the bat mitzvah, after she is deemed to have become a woman. Shoshana’s teacher is Miriam,  twice her age  but who isn’t condescending to her.

It isn’t too long into the play that one realises that this isn’t going to be a conventional teacher/student relationship. Both have strong personalities and open minds.

With Shoshana on the cusp of womanhood, together they go on an exploration to find out what it means to be a  vibrant jewish woman in 2022.

The main part of the play sees them time travel  through history playing different women. What can they learn from them?

I enjoyed the journey these two women took us on, and Bellamy brought everything together with a well crafted ending.

Scarlett McGlynn’s direction was assured and the work of her  creative team – set and costume designer Emma White, lighting designer Kelsey Lee and composer Jessica Dunn – was impressive.

Zoe Reswick as Shoshana and Amy Hack as Miriam were exceptional.

Recommended, A IS FOR APPLE, written and produced by Jessica Bellamy and playing as part of the Griffin Lookout program,  is playing the SBW Stables Theatre, 10 Nimrod Street, Darlinghurst until Saturday 9 April, 2022. Performance times are Monday to Saturday at 7pm and Sunday at 1pm.


Featured image : Zoe Reswick as Shoshana in Jessica Bellamy’s A IS FOR APPLE