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18 June 2013


dead man down

DEAD MAN DOWN (MA) teams Colin Farrell with the original girl with the dragon tattoo, Noomi Rapace, in a screwball guns a blazing revenger. It reteams Rapace with her Dargon Tatoo director, Niels Arden Oplev in his American feature debut. This is a shoot ‘em up that shatters preconceptions that the genre is in danger of being just unimaginative dross.


a gun in each hand

Opening the Spanish Film Festival tomorrow and then going into general release shortly after, A GUN IN EACH HAND evokes some swaggering macho Western, but in this case of this Catalan comedy, it’s a delicious and sublime irony. An ensemble piece about a bunch of Barcelona based boys – middle aged men, but still boys – coming to terms with their failures with women, careers, and life in general.

Australian Cinema, Cinema

satellite boy

The fact that home is an old drive-in is amazingly symbolic – the screen that projected white fella dream time is now run down and obsolete- its surrounded by a big sky that’s a natural planetarium at night and rock paintings that are ancient and exciting. As one character says of them–better than Tolkein.

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