Roll Up, roll up the circus is in town. And it is a  mighty fine circus at that.

This Russian circus has something for everyone.

The circus starts off spectacularly with  a stunning trampoline act where the artists bounce off the trampoline onto a spectacular glass wall and then somersault down.

There’s a clown duo that the kids love. The duo twirl balls and play with hoops and like some of the acts there is some audience  participation.

There’s  a double giant wheel in  which performers walk  and also climb on top of and jump up and down. There are no safety nets in  case of any misjudgement.

There’s  an aerialist couple who do amazing midair acrobatics  with  ropes and with the guy’s strength the only thing keeping the woman safe.

Props both large and small keep going on and off the stage by the techies in black as the action keeps going.

Some people might feel a little squeamish watching the amazing contortionist from Dagestan,  who contorts his body in some stunning ways.

.In ‘Quick change transformations’ blink and you’ll miss the woman as she rapidly changes costumes inside a large  ‘bag’.

Juggling, hoop jumping,  some great acrobatics, daredevil motorcycle antics, all  the acts take place with the pulsating music of a live band.

There’s the guy who plays electric guitar riffs as he balances on top of an increasing number of cylinders  with the audience thinking that he is going to fall at any minute.

Summing up, I loved the Zirk! Circus. It’s a great two hours entertainment and particularly suited for the current school holidays.

ZIRK! CIRCUS : THE BIG TOP SPECTACULAR is playing the amazing and very comfortable Big Top at the Entertainment Quarter until 21 July, 2019. The season has now been extended another week and will now run until 28 July,

All pics by Ben Apfelbaum