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year of the abbott

PicEveryone makes fun of politicians. It’s a national pastime, and deservedly so. But to do this really well, and in a sustained manner–that takes talent.

Proof of this is YEAR OF THE ABBOTT, a wickedly funny, political satire playing, as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival, at the Chippendale Hotel.

This irreverent revue is built around Timothy Hugh Govers and Shane Addison who, playing two political observers, subject the last twelve months of the Abbott government to rib-tickling scrutiny, in which both sides of politics come off second best.

Their well-aimed barbs are interspersed by appearances of Jonas Holt and Nathan Lentern, who give brilliant impersonations of Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd respectively, as well as by Brent Thorpe, who, playing “Deidre Flick, a self-funded retiree from Mosman”, delivers a monologue which is funnier than many of those of a well-known resident of Mooney Ponds.

One segment that should be omitted is “The Quiz”, as it was pointless and simply not amusing.Thankfully it was short. However the mock interview with a PUP official, which followed that part of the show, more than made up for it as, in five minutes of inspired dialogue, that party’s policies were held up to unrelenting ridicule.

The show is a model of great satire: showering its subjects with faint praise while mercilessly exposing their inadequacies.

This is comedy at its zenith, achieved with no reliance whatsoever on swear words, a total lack of making fun of hapless audience members, no uninteresting self-deprecation, and no random, meaningless observations about Life. It is clever, very funny, current in its content, and totally enjoyable. It is also– not to be missed!”

There is only one more chance to catch the YEAR OF THE ABBOTT. The final performance is on Saturday 27th September at 9.30pm, again at the Chippendale Hotel. Tickets are a very reasonable $15.  Bookings-


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