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World Press Photos 2024 at the State Library

Since Canon ceased to sponsor the World Press Photo exhibition  I have surmised (possibly incorrectly) that  its focused on only war and poverty  photos.

Gone are photos of sport, levity and beautiful landscapes.

Faced with the bombardment of misery in these photos one can experience the deadening effect that comes with experiencing too much horror.

Nevertheless the stories that accompany the photos spotlight many areas of concern and interest.

I have included only individual photos, but there are several photo essays which may satisfy some readers.

The exhibition is free at the State Library of New South Wales and runs until the 7th July 2024.

Vincent Haines- Returning home from war
Johanna Maria Fritz – Kakhovka Dam ; Flood in a war zone
Eddie Jim – Fighting not Sinking
Brahmin Noroozi – A fghanistan on the edge
Alejandro Cegarro – THe Two Walls
Adriana Loureiro Loureiro Fernandez – Drought in the Amazon
Alexander Casey – A Lost Place
Adam Altman – A fathers pain

Featured photo – Vincent Haiges – returning home from war Text and photos of photos) by Ben Apfelbaum


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