WICKED is a kid friendly musical that takes place in the Land of Oz, but this untold “true” story of The Witches Of Oz and The Wizard Of Oz, is set during the years before Dorothy brings the house down with her arrival in Oz. The citizens of The Land Of Oz are celebrating the death of The Wicked Witch, when Glinda appears. The musical then continues as an extended flashback of the early lives of these two young women, from their first meeting as sorcery students at the Shiz University.                                 

We experience the extraordinary day-by-day adventures of an often misunderstood green witch named Elphaba (Belinda Robinson), and Galinda/Glinda (Melody Beck) the quite ditsy and very scatterbrained blonde witch, who is the most popular girl in the school. Superbly delivered duet songs for Elphaba and Galinda/Glinda are very memorable, and move the story along at a quick pace.

You will be eagerly contemplating, the dangers of being really wicked. We follow their fateful journey in the Shiz University in Oz, and live through the initially unlikely friendship, that becomes an often profound plus memorable friendship, that leads them to both fulfill their magical destinies. Misunderstood Elphaba will become the “Wicked Witch of the West” very quickly seduced by the power of magic spells, and Galinda will become “Glinda The Good Witch”. Achieving the ultimate in wish fullfilment, Elphaba journeys to the Emerald City to meet The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz (Lachlan O’Brien).

This best ever stagecraft-driven production of WICKED cleverly manipulates their well chosen and beautiful animated state-of-the-art video-walls to set the stage for each scene, and is a unique techno-triumph. Through song and dance, experience an uplifting moral tale, based on the simple premise that always being good will conquer evil. WICKED has the essential message “to never ever judge anyone, solely on their appearance”.

The acknowledgement that everyone make mistakes, and has the essential narrative about forgiveness, which is even more appropriate in this changing world of Australian Politicians with dual citizenship, and Republican USA President Trump’s lack of impulse control, blending Trump’s stupidity with fanaticism, terrorism and extremism.

Gloriously funny and touching, this impressively perfect production has been directed, with a meticulous, astute and daring touch by the director, Declan Moore. A wonderful range of exceptional voice talents have been expertly cast, to ensure that each voice is perfect for each role, with well-remembered lyrics, including “Defying Gravity” and “Popular”.

Special mention goes to the creative team at MANLY MUSICAL SOCIETY that have outdone themselves by creating their impressively successful and absolutely stunning set and lighting design, that included the dazzling non-projection animation effects on multiple video-walls.

Memorable glittering emerald-green costumes for the huge ensemble cast, and most especially the elaborate full-face monkey costume design was magnificent. This production has sixteen principal cast, and are supported by a huge ensemble cast of thirty-five talented female and male actors, dancers and singers, which includes the five pit singers.

Music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz and Winnie Holman, book by Winnie Holzman, and based on the novel by Gregory MaguireWicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West.” Very Highly Recommended. WICKED is playing at the Glen Street Theatre, from Friday 8th December 2017 until Saturday 16th December 2017.

 ELPHABA - Belinda Robinson
 GALINDA - Melody Beck
 FYIERO - Eric Presnall
 THE WIZARD OF OZ - Lachlan O'Brien
 MADAME MORRIBLE - Keira Connelly
 NESSAROSE - Rachael Mayrick
 BOQ - Harrison Riley
 DR DILLAMOND - Blake Lovely
 CHISTERY - Bronte Ellis
 FREX THROPP - Sam Ducker
 MELENA THROPP - Sabrina Kirkham
 PHANNEE - Elizabeth Cornwall
 SHENSHEN - Yasmin Stelling
 MIDWIFE - Kate Redfearn

ALTERNATE GLINDA - Natalie Elliott

Full Cast: Matt Carey (Dance Captain), Dylan Carlin, Ryan Carr, James Coetzee, Chloe Gabila, Hannah Gibbins, Lindford Gilmour, Alison Gracia, Laura Hawes, Christine Heard, Skye Hodges (Dance Captain), George Mavridis, Molly McCrann, Joseph Nalty, Christopher O'Shea, Alexandra Page, Natalie Patterson, Andrea Polson, Rebecca Sheath, Matt Shepherd, Dani Siller, Hannah Spring-Winer, Isaac Temple, Alexis Terry, Alessa Teunisse, Katya Triantis, Tallis Tutunoa, Vanessa Vambucca & Ashton Williams.

Producer: Keith Muir
Director: Declan Moore
Musical Director: Anthony Cutrupi
Choreographer: Sarah Friedrich

Manly Musical Society is a non-profit musical society, operating out of the Northern Beaches of Sydney.


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