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URBANE is a new selection of works by artist Damien March at whose work features in collections both in Australia and Internationally.

Urbane makes reference to both the sophisticated and cultured nature of contemporary society. The essence of the exhibition is that in our immediate age, it is great to stop and reflect the environment around us.”  said March.  “technological society can see that the world can go apathetically past.”  URBANE  captures the great cities of the world and aims to give prominence through a traditional expression.

URBANE uses a vast array of materials ranging from inks, acrylics, varnishes, thickeners, sand pumice and resin. Working with such diverse media has elevated the paint surface with a sophisticated aesthetic. A push and pull effect is created between layers, rough thick gestural strokes contrasting against refined glistening resin. Vigorous Neo Expressionistic palette knife movements further accentuates the visual experience.

Following his highly successful showing at substrate in Hollywood, mixed media artist Damien March‘s URBANE is on show at m2 Gallery, 450 Elizabeth St, Surrey Hills from January 16 -29.  The official opening will be Friday 18th of January from 6-9pm.

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