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two peas theatre company presents drift – an australian premiere- @ atyp studio 1


Lauren Pegus + Olivia Jubb Challito Browne + Adam Kovarik 3 Lauren Pegus + Alex Packard

The Two Peas Theatre Company has yet again come up with great independent theatre entertainment with its new production,  DRIFT by Tara Clark and Kieran Foster and directed by Clark

This was almost perfect drama with an intimate style of presentation and featured strong characterisations from the very talented cast. The dialogue, with the blend of honesty and heart, was a  gift for each of the six young actors.

DRIFT was a complex exploration of poignant life altering relationships and the woes of Generation-X relationships.Interesting screen projections and atmospheric lighting created a distinctly cinematic experience, with a musical soundscape of well remembered top 40 singles.

We explored their life over twelve months, through these six unique twenty-somethings, starting from a birthday party celebration for two of the six friends.

The emotional territory covered included the secrets that the characters tell their  friends and lovers, and the lies that they tell themselves. Apologies, acceptances, breaking-up, moving-out, angst, alcoholism, cancer, chemo, survival, burger king, grieving, passion, unrequited love, loves won and loves lost, and more..

Cast: Ayeesha Ash, Challito Browne, Olivia Jubb, Adam Kovarik, Alex Packard and Lauren Pegus.

Duration 80 minutes.

DRIFT is playing the ATYP Studio 1 until July 30. Performances Wednesdays to Saturdays 7 pm and Sundays at 5 pm.



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