There was a moment during this show when I wondered what I was actually doing there.. With the band pounding and my ears searing under the pitched voice of Naomi Price I pondered on leaving and giving the show one star. Boy did I change my mind!
CHRISTMAS ACTUALLY is loosely  based on the film ‘Love Actually’. It is a secular celebration  of Christmas and no one will be offended.  They sing Carols incredibly and  tracks from the Movie. But it is Naomi Price that front and centre dominates the show.
Price’s  rapier comments leave nothing sacrosanct. Harry’s Book ” Spare” ..What! She says Spare me! Do theses people understand the privileged lives they lead?  “Is that you crying ” she points  to an audience member? Don’t be a wuss ( Price is English and migrated to Queensland in 2003). No one will ever shag you if you cry.  What she says in her pommy haven’t seen Love Actually..then what you are you 
actually doing here?! But it’s all done without a hint of disrespect and in the spirit of good fun and a laugh. Even her fellow cast members are not spared. Doron Chester sings a Christmas carol ..and after complimenting him handsomely she rebukes him for what he is wearing. Where is the nativity costume you were supposed to wear? Go and sit in the corner!

 You will love the venue. In the bowels of the Opera House this is an intimate space, with excellent acoustics that holds somewhere between 300 and 600 people. It is ideal for this sort of Cabaret performance which lasted over ninety minutes .I found myself rarely looking at my watch. The show is backed by a  band of Australia top musicians and performers …Luke Kennedy ( the Voice ) Stephanie Jones (Mary Poppins) and Doron Chester (Aladdin and Frozen) The performance builds to an exciting crescendo and climax. Everyone, including myself, seemed to really enjoy the show and left on a high.