Tacita Dean ‘The Wreck Of Hope’
Tacita Dean ‘!50 Years of Painting ‘

Tacita Dean ‘Paradise’
Tacita Dean ‘Monet Hates Me’
Jane Devery, Tacita Dean, Suzanne Cotter
Tacita Dean ‘Inferno’
Tacita Dean ‘Geography – Biography’
Tacita Dean ‘Exceptional Study for ‘Threshold for Purgatory’
Tacita Dean ‘Chalk Fall’

The Museum Of Contemporary Art  is currently hosting the works of one of the most important living artists of our time. Dean is renowned for her distinctive body of works encompassing film, photography and drawing which she brings together in multi-sensorial installations.

This Sydney exclusive exhibition is the largest presentation of the Uk artists’ work in the southern hemisphere. It brings together recent film works, monumental chalkboard drawings, photographic and print series in a remarkable audio visual experience.

In a Q and A session Dean railed against the prevalence of digitalisation in art and film works. She and the distinguished director Christopher Hampton noted that many analogue works were digitised and then discarded

As a result, all her film works are shot in 35mm format and she says she does not work  in different media contexts (with its association with  digital production)  but rather works in different mediums.

The exhibition was curated by Jane Devery, Senior Curator, and Megan  Robson, Curator, and runs until 3 March 2024.

Featured image – Tacita Dean ‘Event For A Stage’. Text and photos of artworks by Ben Apfelbaum