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Sydney Gay And Lesbian Choir: Back To The 80S @ The Seymour

The inclusiveness of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir was on full display with their latest concert, BACK TO THE 80’S. As the name suggests, it was a homage to the music of the Eighties, offering a stroll down memory lane for many to an era that musically, is a crowd pleaser across generations.   

For over 30 years, the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir has been managed to maintain its place as a significant symbol of diversity and inclusion. On this evening, the choir were met with much love and generosity from an audience grateful for the energetic and heartfelt nature of the performance, offering a much-needed reprieve from cold winter days where news and current affairs offer little in the way of sunshine.

As far as offering a night of wholesome entertainment, boy, did the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir deliver. The performance included about 100 singers, each dressed as icons of the 80’s era. Costuming was diverse – from Axel Rose, Freddy Mercury and Olivia Newton-John to the many iterations of Madonna – all contributing to the fun of this uplifting evening that celebrated connection and community spirit.

With so many bangers to choose from, Music Director Adam Majsay must have had trouble narrowing his choice down to the eighteen songs that were eventually selected, but managed to find something for everyone as all were well-received as the audience sat back and listened to the classic tunes, all sung with plenty of heart and accompanied by a five-piece live band who were clearly enjoying themselves as much as the choir and the audience. Songs were well-arranged to maximise the strengths of the choir, with audience members tapping, clapping and humming along to the well-loved tunes that are universally remembered and adored.

A special shout out to the two Auslan interpreters who went above and beyond in meeting their brief, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity to these retro hits that continue to strike a chord with audiences.

Beyond the songs, it was heart-warming to watch the singers who from all walks of life, clearly enjoying themselves. There was a clear sense of camaraderie amongst those on stage, and that sense of pride and harmony was not only well-received, but the contagious atmosphere ensured a great night of entertainment for all. It was a blast from the past, and everyone was on board to indulge in celebrating the spirit of cohesiveness that choirs can elicit.

With the tickets for the next show, Echoes of Pride already on Sale, the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir isn’t slowing down any time soon, and after watching the show, I’d say that is to the benefit of all.


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