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Sydney Dance Company : Club Origami at the Neilson Studio : A high energy perforrmance





CLUB ORIGAMI is the Sydney Dance Company’s first production for young kids. The littlies were a captive, enthralled audience as the two performers, Takeshi Matsumoto and Makiko Aoyama, (with Robert Howat’s musicianship in the background on vibes), made all kinds of origami whilst coming up with a bright array of  unconventional  dance moves that the littlies loved. They  moved amongst the kids and there was a big build up of paper on the stage.

This led to the final, most exciting, part of the performance. The performers put on brightly coloured overalls  over their clothes and started scooping up mounds of paper which they scattered everywhere.  The littlies were invited to copy them  and a large snowstorm ensued.

The performance came to an end and the parents rallied their littlies and the theatre became far quieter and much more boring! One suspects  that after all the energy that they spent that they would be having lengthy afternoon sleeps!

As the Sydney Company’s first production for the littlies CLUB ORIGAMI is great  fun and hopefully will result in similar ventures in the future.

There’s nothing like getting them while they are young..

CLUB ORIGAMI is playing the Neilson Studio at the Sydney Dance Company until the 20th July 2024.

Production photography by Jacquie Manning



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