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siro – a @ the concourse chatswood


This is madcap, exuberant fun, making for marvelous school holiday fare. It is a high energy dance, techno and visual spectacular direct from Japan and these shows in Sydney are their only Australian performances.

The award-winning dance troupe have taken the world by storm, attracting millions of views on YouTube following their appearances on America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent.

SIRO_A’s unique combination of energetic dance and ground-breaking video-mapping technology – alongside a pulsating techno beat – creating an audio-visual spectacle that appeals to audiences of all ages.

Their name SIRO-A (SIRO = White, colorless in Japanese) means “belonging to no group, impossible to define as anybody.” SIRO-A fuses mime, groundbreaking visual effects, and a techno soundtrack to create a whole new entertainment, “Technodelic & Visual Show.

SIRO – A was formed in 2002 in Sendai in Japan.( In some ways it has hints of The Blue Man Group). There is no extended narrative as such rather a sequence of short vignettes. The cast of seven are incredibly enthusiastic, athletic and energetic and there is extremely precise timing and control displayed in some of the demanding sections.

The cast wear either shiny white suits with white makeup or in elegant black suits like Kuroko in Kabuki.

Choreography is tight and precise and includes boy band, break dancing, cartwheels, martial arts and jumps. It is joyous bouncy and captivating.

There is audience participation at various points.  Visually the show is stunning with marvelous imagery and use of technical effects throughout.

One sequence which is great fun is a tribute to some of the great movies of past and present including Star Wars, Jaws, The Full Monty, Frozen, Mad Max, The Sound of Music presented in Reduced-Shakespeare computer game mode.

Another segment is a Rubik’s Cube set that crazily takes off. There is an extended sequence beginning with a simple dot that turns into a tennis match, spiders, computers games, horses, a fast car race and the ball becomes bigger and bigger and more dangerous.

Another amazing sequence, presented in a quieter, more thoughtful note was the underwater scene that was followed by an energetic batons with lights battle. The children in the audience ( and all of us young at heart ) were totally enthralled.

Running time 75 minutes without interval,
SIRO – A  is playing at the Concourse Chatswood until January 29.


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